Windows Live Messenger 16.4.3522

Windows Live Messenger is a standalone messaging solution that allows emojis, contact management, photo sharing, and more

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    Instant Messaging

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    Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 10 / Windows 10

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    6.6 (4703)
Windows Live Messenger 16.4.3522
Windows Live Messenger 2009 Beta Build 14.0.8117.416

Stay in touch with your contacts with Windows Live Messenger.

This is a program that is easy to use and that offers a variety of features to add life to the messages you send to your contacts. The design of the messaging system is attractive to look at, which makes it a program that you'll want to use. There are a few options available for changing the appearance of the chat boxes and the themes, but there could be more available. You can access the contacts you have on social media sites from the home page. Another feature is that you can post updates about yourself and what's going on in your life as well as pictures, music and other details that you want people to know. Multiple message boxes can be open on the screen at one time, allowing you to talk to several people at once. There is also an option for group messaging, but it can get confusing when everyone talks at one time because you don't know who is sending and receiving messages.

Privacy is at a high level with the program. You have control over what you post and what you want others to see or not see. There is an option to block people as well. Aside from sending messages to contacts, you can video chat with them. You can connect on different platforms, and the program syncs with your mobile device so that you don't have to worry as much about downloading and making sure you have it available. This feature also allows you to keep the messaging system open at all times so that you don't miss messages or updates from your contacts. The program is easy enough to use by people who are new to messaging and updated enough for those who have been using messaging systems for a while.


  • Nice design
  • Several chat options
  • Use on multiple platforms


  • Difficult to install on older systems
  • Can't add favorites

Interacting with your social media contacts while still keeping tabs on your Internet preferences is extremely easy with Windows Live Messenger. This is a program that has seen multiple overhauls from previous releases, and this version proves that each version gets better and better with integrating important and valuable resources that you want out of your Internet experience. Here is a further look into Windows Live Messenger and the features it offers to its users.

User Interface

In today’s world of technology, everything seems to be progressing towards smaller and much smoother integration. Windows Live Messenger is able to do this with a beautiful interface that offers a beautiful design that is both physically appealing and easy to learn. From the home page, you can easily access your friends from your social networks, while also being able to post statuses, photos, videos and more. In comparison to other messenger programs that are available, Windows Live Messenger neatly organizes everything into one stream, which is both easy to understand and equally easy to use. You can also organize groups with Windows Live Messenger, which makes it simpler to make sure that certain people see the content that you want them to see, and that other don’t.


If you want to connect with a friend, you can also do that with either independent chat windows or video calling. And better yet, Windows Live Messenger offers multiple different IM programs, so that you can connect with whatever platform you prefer. There are plenty of options to choose from which makes it so that you can connect with all of your friends from one program, no matter what application they choose to use. Windows Live Messenger also easily syncs with your mobile device, making it so that you never have to disconnect, even if you have to leave your desktop computer.

Operating System Availability

Keep in mind that Windows Live Messenger only runs on Windows 7 and Vista. That means that Mac or other OS users will have to find an alternative to this service. However, if you really want to use Windows Live Messenger, which is worth the effort, then you can use a program that allows you to access Windows through your other operating system.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the look and simplicity of Windows Live Messenger is a bonus for the overall appeal of the program. Whether you’ve used the program before or it’s your first time using Windows Live Messenger, it’s easy to learn and navigate through with very little learning curve.


  • Beautiful design that looks great and is easy to navigate through
  • Syncs up with multiple different instant messengers and social media services
  • Organizes all of your content to make it easier to share with the right people


  • If you aren’t running Windows 7 or Vista, then you may have a problem getting it on your computer.
  • It should an option to add favorites and frequent friends that you chat with most. Instead, you have to sort through all of your friends to find those that you really want to connect with.

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